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"As a user of Arniss Keep Warm Container products, I experience the ease of travel when i bring my daughter’s lunch. At her age which still not able to "snack" therefore I always carry healthy snacks from home. By using one of these Arniss products really helped me to continually serve the warm food stock, up to several hours. But for the input .. These products cannot stand shocks. So if it’s not in a good position, the vegetable inside still seeping. Maybe it could be excellent to design the upcoming product more cultivated airtight."

Vira AdityaFemina Group

"Advantages from Arniss: Arniss is household equipment, especially for food and beverage containers made of safest materials for public health in which the quality is very high quality, very colorful and Go Green. Disadvantages of Arniss: Material is not very thick so that when I poured hot water inside the tumbler, the tumbler still hot when held.

Yanto PrasetyoRadio Bahana